Editorial Voice vs. Family Friendly Content

     I got the chance to chat with a friend of mine over the weekend. He works for a local ad agency. Over the summer he thought I would be perfect for a campaign he was working on. He made contact, pitched me and then I never heard another word. Frankly, I never gave it a second thought. I've learned over the years that the bigger the company the longer it takes to get anything done and I've had other concerns so one missed campaign doesn't keep me up at night.
     After a few glasses of wine he asked me how the blogging was going. I did a little bragging about some of the companies I've worked with and told him where I wanted to go and let him know some of my fears. As an "ad guy" he's the perfect sounding board and one of the few people I can talk to about SEO, my Klout score and my concerns about my reliance on my Facebook platform without their eyes glazing over.
     He then told me what happened with that campaign. The company loved my voice and was thrilled with the few posts he gave them--everything looked good until they dug a little deeper. They found a few "questionable" posts, some foul language and me flying the bird and decided that those posts didn't fit with their "family friendly" image. He asked me if I had made any changes so that I would be more appealing to advertisers?

          And I said no.

     And I don't plan to. This is the one place where I can be the person I really wish I was. The witty woman with the biting humor. The woman that says what she wants to say without fear. Only here, can I call out the bitches of the world, instead of playing nice/doormat. Only on this blog can I tell you what bothers, hurts and concerns me without wondering what you think about my opinions.
     And only here can I be the mommy that every woman is, once in awhile. The mommy that cusses after the kids are asleep and the one that counts the minutes until that blessed time. Anyone that's read this blog for any period of time knows that I love my children but that I don't always like them--mostly when they are in the process of driving me bat shit crazy.
     As I explained to my friend, I won't alienate my readers. You come here to be entertained and part of my shtick includes a few four letter words.
     Will it cost me some advertisers? Maybe. But I think in the long run it will save me the effort of trying to be something I'm not.

So bloggers, how do you balance the desires of advertisers and still remain true to your own personal voice?

Peace Out!
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