I Hate Google+

    Ok this rant is a long time coming. I apologize to those of you that thought you were going to be greeted with a sweet and poignant and/or an amusing bon mot about my children or my life. But after opening the email I received over the weekend, announcing Picnik's impending closure, I'm now ready to unleash. Now where's a Google Rep. when you need one?

     I HATE Google+! No, I've never tried it. And I don't care if I'm making an uninformed opinion. I think that it is absolutely appalling that Google is so determined to shove Google+ down every one's throat force everyone into using its product/feature/piece-of-shit that it is more than happy to disrupt the Internet as I (and every blogger out there) has used it.
     It is pretty obvious to me that Google has a lousy product on it's hands. If, in order to make your product succeed, you must remove several other products to entice bully people into using it then maybe you need to rethink what you're selling? Just sayin'! So now I need to move my GFC followers over to some other media "device" or risk losing them. Great! Like you don't have more important things to do. Now I realize that because I'm a "Blogger" blogger that it isn't necessary but if Google is willing to pull GFC and Piknic in order to entice force me to use Google+ for all my social media needs, you know they are going to make GFC obsolete, Blogger blog or no.
     I've decided that I'm not using Google+. (And I'm not so egocentric to think that that fact makes a bit of difference to Google. Frankly, I'm relatively certain that every blogger in world could boycott Google+ and Google would still be standing by to shove it down Joe Public's throat. I'm not even asking for a boycott because that would be just plain silly.) But I do have to do something with my 150+ GFC followers. So if you enjoy the content I usually sorry about today put on here You need to make some decisions how you are going to receive it. You can choose to follow me via Facebook the anti-Google+, click on my network or subscribe to my RSS. I have buttons at the top of the page to make those options easy for you or you can click on the highlighted script and it will take you to those locations.
    Thank you to all my wonderful followers for continuing to follow me on this "new leg" of this journey. And to Google I have just one more thing to say to you....

Peace Out!
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