Funny Convos with the Hubby: The Lunch Room

Back to school memories...share your best or worst memory of heading back to school as a child.

     As a child, nothing struck fear into my heart like the lunchroom. Where would I sit and who would I sit with? Would I be snubbed? Would I drop my tray and ruin any hopes I had of remaining under the radar? The lunchroom was the proverbial pitfall of of social dos and don'ts. Not to mention the batshit CRAZY antics of my fellow diners. The Hubby recently took a trip to our two Kindergartners' lunchroom; it's good to know that nothing has really changed....

And now it's time for Funny Convos with the Hubby, a part of the blog where I share a...funny convo I had with my Hubby.... *crickets* Sorry this bit sounded a lot funnier in the shower.

     So this didn't happen to me but when I heard about it I found it too funny not to share. I don't know about you, but I often wonder what's wrong with my kids. They are always doing something that makes me think that I shouldn't have had that ONE glass of wine while I was pregnant with them. The story the Hubby just told me makes me realize that I wasn't the only one that imbibed....

     My boys officially began attending all day Kindergarten the day after Labor Day. And although I haven't had a day to myself as of yet, because moving my mother has been a long process, I look forward to experiencing a child free existence soon.
     The boys decided that they wanted to pack their lunches instead of eating the school lunch so I promptly went out and bought them each a cartoon festooned lunch box and set to planning meals. The first day didn't go without a few glitches, meaning Porter forgot to bring said lunch box home with him. Now being the good Mommy that I am, I volunteered the Hubby to bring his lunch and join Porter for the lunch room experience.

The following is the report I got from the Hubby.

Hubby: Well, the school lunch experience is everything they show on TV or the movies.
Me: Was there a food fight?
Hubby: *chuckle* No... But there was this little guy sitting next to me that has me concerned.
Me: Why?
Hubby: Well, all of these kids were vying for my attention but this little guy keeps tugging on my sleeve and when I turn around he has an orange slice in his mouth. You know smiling at me.
Me: *chuckle* That sounds about right.
Hubby: Yeah and I would smile back at him but then he starts punching me in the arm.
Me: So what'd you do?
Hubby: Well, I told him he shouldn't do that and he stopped. But then he started BANGING his head into me.
Me: What?!?
Hubby: Yeah! Over and over again. So told him he shouldn't do that either but he just kept on doing it. I looked around for a teacher to rescue me, but no one did so I finally just decided to ignore the behavior.
Me: Did he stop?
Hubby: No! And now I think I have a bruise on my arm from where he repeatedly kept hitting me with his head!
Me: Isn't it good to know it's not just our kids that are flipping crazy?
Hubby: I did leave with a sense of relief....

Peace Out!

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