Funny Convos With the Hubby: Elected Officals

And now it's time for Funny Convos with the Hubby, a part of the blog where I share a...funny convo I had with my Hubby.... *crickets* Sorry this bit sounded a lot funnier in the shower.

     Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you're aware that it's an election year. The Hubby and I have VASTLY different political views which means that we are constantly bickering about the state of the Union, our state, and our community. It makes for an interesting time 'round here, but it also makes for some interesting observations.

     My father lives in a town, across the state line, that makes Podunk look positively metropolitan by comparison. And everywhere you look the political signs litter the landscape, including in his yard. The sign that gives the Hubby pause, is for coroner. Why on earth would the city* coroner be an elected office? And does it really matter if they are a Democrat or a Republican? And wouldn't you love to watch THOSE debates?!?!
Potential Coroner 1: Unlike my opponent, I will never declare anyone dead until I am absolutely certain that they are in fact dead!

Potential Coroner 2: What? Ok, there was this ONE time when I thought this lady was dead and she wasn't but seriously who was harmed?
     The other office that the Hubby questions "the need for an election" is Sheriff. And I gotta agree with him on this one. We both feel that it really should be a merit based job, something you could work your way up to. You would start as a policeman and move up the ranks to be the Sheriff. Our other thought was that if it isn't a "hired" position maybe it should be an appointed one; perhaps the Governor could appoint the person or...
Hubby: Or the coroner could appoint the new Sheriff....
Me: Yeah! He could be like, this officer is a shoot-first-ask-questions-later-kinda-guy. He'd keep me busy.
Hubby (doing his best impersonation of a coroner): As coroner, I pick So-and-So as Sheriff because he's a Hangin' Sheriff!
 Many thanks to everyone running for office (whatever office it might be). Thanks to everyone that is trying to give back, by doing their civic duty and trying to make a difference in our communities, states and country. Best of luck to you all.

 *I'm SOOOOO using the term "city" liberally here! This town is population 500.

 Peace Out!

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