Funny Convos With the Hubby: Sleep Apnea

And now it's time for Funny Convos with the Hubby, a part of the blog where I share a...funny convo I had with my Hubby.... *crickets* Sorry this bit sounded a lot funnier in the shower.

     The Hubby, like millions of people, suffers from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is where a person stops breathing while sleeping because of an obstructed airway. In the Hubby's case he had a deviated septum, which he's had surgically repaired but he still has sleep apnea. So he sleeps with a C-Pap machine.
     The Hubby H-A-T-E-S his C-Pap machine and I listen to him bitch and moan whine about it Every. Single. Night. But the C-Pap might be saving his life so I let him whine just so long as he wears it, it's all good.
     So last night he headed to bed before me. That's pretty typical because he likes to read before he falls asleep and I can't sleep with a light on. So after about a half hour or so I headed down. He was masked up and reading so as I was changing out of my yoga pants clothes and into different yoga pants he wheezed, "Go ahead and turn off the light". Now if you've never listened to someone try and speak while air is being forced through their nose, know that it's bust-a-gut-hysterical funny sounding. And I giggled in response.

The boy playing Star Wars.

Hubby (wheezing, drooling and gasping): "Do I sound like Darth Vader?"
Me: "Yeah, if James Earl Jones was being drowned/strangled."
Hubby (breathless and still very damp sounding): "Come on! You know I sound S-E-X-Y!'
Me: *gasp, choke and sputter*
Hubby: "Yeah baby. I'm sexy. The "C" in C-Pap stands for S-E-X-Y!"
Me: "Huh???"
Hubby: "Yeah... that made absolutely NO sense.... Sorry 'bout that."
Me: "Goodnight, Honey."
Hubby: *sigh* "Goodnight."

Thus concludes Funny Convos with the Hubby.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend everyone.

Peace Out!

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