The "Double Feature" Part 1

     I am about to reveal some "sensitive" information to you. I hope that you don't think less of me as if that's possible because of it. I know I've shared things with you before that could be described as embarrassing or even inappropriate but none that would qualify as... illegal. Well, until today that is....

     Friday was the Hubby's birthday. Usually we go out and celebrate the big event but in light of current events the Hubby wasn't really in a celebrating kind of mood. I still thought it was important that we do SOMETHING to mark the event--even if it was just dinner and a movie. Which admittedly, IS kinda a big deal in the Mommy Household because we don't get out much. With three kiddos under the age of 6, sitters are hard to find and expensive to boot! The Hubby agreed that a movie sounded like fun and joked that we should make it a "double feature".

Do we look like hardened criminals?*

**If you don't know, a double feature is the act of seeing two movies for the price of one at a public movie theater. --The Urban Dictionary

     I JOKINGLY agreed, but it soon became apparent that the Hubby wasn't joking. After mentioning it to my girlfriends I learned that I was the only one that hadn't done this before and it wasn't to be attempted by the faint of heart. Over a glass of wine I was taught the finer points of how to score a double.
     I brought all of this information back to the Hubby, thinking that he and I would share a big laugh over it, but it seems I was wrong. He took this information and started plotting. He decided which theater we should go to and which movies and times would increase our chances of success.
     But still I thought this was all in jest. We aren't the type of people that do things like this. We're the type that tells the cashier she made a mistake when she gives us back too much change. We're the type that goes five over the speed limit and then when they're pulled over for a broken tail light, admits to speeding. We're rule FOLLOWERS, not breakers. We're boring but definitely the type you want to water your plants while you're on vacation because we would never snoop through your medicine cabinet or underwear drawer we're always home very dependable. But my girlfriends assured me that this would ONLY work to our advantage--we would never be suspected and they also assured me that they would put up bail when we got caught....

Peace Out!

Part 2
Part 3
*I cannot believe how red my hair looks in this picture! I assure you that I don't have red hair. I always wanted red hair, or blond hair, or black hair--anything but mousy brown hair!
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