The "Double Feature" Part 2

Sorry folks! I know I kinda left ya'll hanging. But now I'm continuing the Double Feature saga that I began last week. If you forgot what this is all about you might want to check out Part One 
No, go ahead. I'll wait for ya....

     Seriously, up until the credits rolled on Snow White and the Huntsman I still thought this whole "double feature thing" was completely hypothetical. Although we did follow the first rule of the double feature; buy concessions.* And we might have been on the fast track to (albeit illegal) success, but we made the first of many critical mistakes of the evening. We strayed from the plan....

**If you don't know, a double feature is the act of seeing two movies for the price of one at a public movie theater. --The Urban Dictionary

     After the Hubby spent several hours pouring over movie schedules we ended up arriving 30 minutes early to the movie so instead of hanging out and waiting for our movie we jumped into a movie that had just barely started, thereby throwing off our tightly choreographed schedule. And because we were hurrying to make the movie we also didn't take the time to figure out which movie we would be (illegally) jumping into. I told you we're amateurs.
     Our next mistake was drinking the ginormous, 3000 ounce, concession stand sodas because once the credits rolled we found that our bladders were calling. I've been told that a pro would have used this to their advantage and hung out in the bathroom, all the while checking the movie times from their internet ready phones and keeping tabs on their spouses. We didn't think to do any of that and by the time I left the bathroom the Hubby was certain that the ticket guy was on to us. He grabbed my elbow as soon as I exited the bathroom and hissed, "We've been made! Abort! Abort!" He then ushered me out the front door of the movie house and not the exit on the backside of the building, that was actually closer to our car and that passed seven different screens that we could have easily hopped into, undetected.


Peace Out!
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*The reason you buy concessions is because the movie houses really don't make anything off of ticket sales. Their profit line relies solely on concession sales. So the theory is that even if you are discovered to be hopping from movie to movie the employees are likely to overlook it because you are actually making the movie house more money by buying the food than if you were to buy the extra tickets. That's the theory anyway....

***BTW this isn't the end of our illicit adventure. Oh NO! I decide it's time to call in the reserves. Next up, I take the reigns of this little endeavor.

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