Writer's Workshop: The "Double Feature" Part 3

1.) Write about a time you were forced to step out of your comfort zone.

     The Hubby's birthday was a couple of Friday's ago. I think that because he lost his job just a few days prior, he was looking for a way to start anew or at the least to break out of the normal, so he decided to attempt a "double feature".

**If you don't know, a double feature is the act of seeing two movies for the price of one at a public movie theater. --The Urban Dictionary

But after our first attempt failed miserably I decided that it was time for me to take the reigns on this little adventure. Come hell or high water I was going to give the Hubby a birthday he wouldn't soon forget....

You might want to check out how this story began... I'll wait.
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     After the Hubby FREAKED the FREAK out at the first movie theater and ran screaming like a little girl, dragging me behind him. I decided that it was time to put my big girl panties on and take the reigns of this debacle. We were childless for the evening and I decided that if we were going to ever get thrown in jail then the timing couldn't get any better. Beside I had three girlfriends that assured me that they don't throw you in jail for movie hopping they just ban you from the theater but that if they did they would come post bail.
     This time I chose the movie theater; a MUCH busier one with more screens. We bought our tickets to see Men In Black 3 and settled in for a nice movie, sans concessions. At the conclusion of the flick I calmly walked the Hubby across the movie house to the adjacent wing/pod, sauntering past the front box office and daringly close to the rent-a-cop holding the wall up.
     It was then that the Hubby's phone rang--his parents calling to wish him a happy birthday. I found the call to be both prophetic and fortuitous because it allowed us reason to cross to the "quieter" end of the theater and a reason to sit and waste time while waiting for our next movie choice to begin. After sitting quietly in the lobby for nearly 20 minutes I decided it was time to make our move.
     I brazenly walked the Hubby into the main concession area, directly across from the main entrance and the security podium and as I did a crowd of movie goers appeared, as if magically, and encapsulated us within their midst. We moved with the crowd to the concession lines and purchased a large soda. We then spanned the 20 feet to the nearest Prometheus movie, stealthily grasping IMAX glasses from the return/recycling bin on our way.
     We settled into our seats and smugly sipped our soda, our contraband glasses pushed atop our heads and got ready to enjoy our illicit reward. The lights dimmed and the previews started, we adjusted our glasses and got ready to enjoy our IMAX experience when we discovered that this movie wasn't an IMAX movie but simply a 3D movie. Our glasses didn't work! The movie was an out-of-focus mess!
     The Hubby whispered, "What do we do now? Go to the front and tell them we FORGOT our glasses?"
     Not to be undone by a technical glitch to our hard fought booty. I said, "Gimme a minute, honey." And I exited the theater. I remembered that when we walked through the doors of the this particular screen there was one of those recycle bins for the glasses. I went to it and realizing that there was no way my arm would fit in that return hole, I quickly ripped the lid off the box and dove into it head first, to retrieve two of the dozen returned glasses at the bottom of the box. Fearing discovery, I dashed back to my seat and the waiting Hubby, handed him the glasses and readied myself for the movie.
     As the credits rolled, and we walked hand in hand out of the theater the Hubby commented on the upturned recycle box as we passed it. I murmured non-committaly in reply. As we turned to exit the theater the rent-a-cop stopped right in front of us, the Hubby gripped my hand hard, I smiled sweetly and the rent-a-cop wished us both a good evening.
     I smiled in response and the Hubby exhaled audibly as we pushed the doors open and walked out into the muggy, night air. I guess it's good to know that should this family ever need to turn to a life of crime, that it's going to have to be me that brings home the bacon.

Peace Out!
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