The Hubby is Fired

     It happened 20 minutes ago* and even though we expected it, I'm numb. That's not exactly true. I'm panicked. I'm terrified. And I'm thoroughly pissed off! Roll all of those emotions together and it equals a kind of numbness that causes me to quake in fear.

     His company has been "restructuring" for a few months now. That's code for firing-people-with-years-of-experience-just-so-they-can-hire-someone-fresh-out-of-school-that-they-can-pay-significantly-less-and-treat-like-crap-because-they-don't-know-any-better. And he's been looking, quietly. (I guess he can start raising a ruckus now.)
     I could sit here and rail against the bosses who didn't even have the balls to face the Hubby via conference call. Instead they sent a flunky in to do the dirty work for them. I could give you examples of the unethical ways the company treats their employees and I could NAME the company to act as a warning to all geologists (That's what the Hubby does and no, I don't really know or understand what that means.) out there looking for a job. But I'm not going to, because it's not appropriate. But mostly because it wouldn't do any good to assuage my fears.
     So tomorrow we will all sleep in because I haven't slept in days. Fear does that. I will make breakfast for everyone and we'll pretend the Hubby is taking some well deserved time off not that he doesn't have anywhere to go. Maybe we will go to the beach after "school" and maybe I will pack a picnic. Maybe we will go camping in the backyard--on a school night because no one has to be up the next morning.
     Maybe if we keep busy enough I won't think about the bills and the vacation to Disney that we might not take. Maybe if we pack enough fun into our bonus time with the Hubby I won't remember the days after I lost my job. Maybe if I smile enough the tears won't come. And if I can just hold back the tears the fear is bearable--the terror won't overcome me.
      Maybe I can push the fear down another day.

Peace Out!
*The Hubby was actually fired on Monday. I wrote this (minus a lot of expletives) after his phone call to me, letting me know he was on his way home. It is just now being posted after I received the Hubby's approval. I don't write about the Hubby a lot out of respect for his privacy, our relationship and because he has his own story to tell--it's not my job to tell it.

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