#WordlessWednesday: Home For Sale w/LINKY

     My house if officially on the market (and has been for a couple of weeks) and I've learned that living in a house that is ready to show at a moment's notice is truly CRAPTASTIC! I always thought that I would like living in an uber clean and organized home. I was wrong. Oh, so very wrong....
     I have learned more disturbing things about myself through this whole process of getting-my-house-ready-to-sell and now living-in-the-picture-perfect-version-of-my-home than I ever wanted to know. I always knew I had "control issues" but living in a magazine type environment has pushed me to the OCD side of decorating. It's pretty but not livable.

Things I've Learned About Myself:

  • I have to be able to leave my dishes in the sink overnight once in awhile. 
  • Making beds is a pointless endeavor. The children think so too. I've noticed that they've taken to sleeping on top of the made bed, covered with a blanket!
  • Mopping SUCKS. Mostly, because it's Spring and I have three kids, two dogs and a husband that can't remember to take off his shoes before coming in, so it's all I do. 
  • Maintaining this level of clean makes me uber grouchy and no fun to live with. 

     BC (before children) my house was this clean, at all times, and it was easy to maintain because well, it was just me. But now it's a chore that just exhausts me. My low point came when I caught myself cleaning the light switches with a Q-Tip and some glass cleaner.

This house better sell quickly.... If you know anyone looking for a reasonably priced, starter home (or your just nosy to see my home) in charming Podunk, Kansas, direct them here!

Peace Out!
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