Funny Convos With Myriam: Rain Man Moments

     This post is along the same lines as the Funny Convos with the Hubby genre, except the convo is with my seven year-old, autistic, daughter, Myriam. Hmm... put the Hubby in a dress and it's really not that much different.... Ok that was a disturbing image. Sorry 'bout that.

     So Myriam and I were out running a few errands this afternoon when we ran into a friend of the family. I say hi, the friend returns the greeting and then tries to engage Myriam in the conversation and it's at this point where it all went terribly funny.

Me: Hi! How are you?
Friend: Hi! Good, you?
Me: We're well.
Friend (bending down to Myriam's eye level): Hi little lady! Are you ready to go back to school or are you enjoying your summer break?

**You might note that Myriam is great at answering yes or no questions but if you want her to infer details or come to any conclusions on her own, all bets are off.

Myriam: I go to school in August.
Friend: Oh... but are you having fun this summer or do you like school better?
Myriam: School is in August, it's June.... *mumbles something under her breath, and looks at the floor*
Friend: Do you like when you go to school or summertime better?
Myriam: (said slowly) June... July... August... School is in Auuuuuguuuust!
Friend: Yes, but...
Myriam: (louder but still slowly and counting on fingers) JUNE... JULY... AUGUST.... JUNE.. JULY... AUGUST! SCHOOL'S IN AUGUST!
Me: Myriam, are you having fun this summer?
Myriam: Oh yes! I like to swim and play outside.
Friend: What did I do wrong there?
Me: Too many words, too many words....
Friend: Sorry.
Me: (laughing) No problem.
Friend: Bye Becca. (bending down to Myriam's level) Bye Myriam.
Myriam: Remember Auuuguuust! 

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Peace Out!
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