Can you get expelled from Kindergarten?!?

     The "Spasm" is at it again. Even in the blur of the last two weeks I knew there was something wrong. All the while I was dealing with the sinus infection from hell I knew that the bottom was dropping out but frankly I just wanted to revel in the bliss of ignorance. I didn't want to see the signs that were staring me in the face. I was hoping--praying even that Porter was doing me a solid, and maybe in his own way, he was.

     You see, while I was trying to recoup from my illness, Porter has been a (relatively speaking) good boy. He hasn't been fighting (too much) with his siblings. He hasn't been screeching at the top of his lungs nor "spazzing out". In fact, he's been loving and snuggle-y  He's been a sweet and compassionate child. One that I've been SO proud of.

Do you see the evil?
      But unfortunately, that behavior has only been for my benefit. At school... well, at school he's been the demon that we all know and love. Two weeks ago, I received a call from his teacher saying that Porter had been removed from class and was in the "Care Room" currently laying on the floor, screaming and kicking the wall. I asked if I needed to come pick him up and she said no. They thought he was wearing out, but... maybe I should be prepared to come get him if he got his second wind?

     Last week I received another call from his teacher.

  • Life hasn't improved for her. 
  • It's time to meet. 
  • Oh, and the principal would like to sit in on this meeting too! 
  • SpEd will be on hand to offer their support also. 

     So my question is, can one get expelled from Kindergarten?

*I actually don't believe that he's getting expelled. At least I hope not. This is just going to be another "let's get on the same page" meeting. A brain storming session. At least I hope it is. Because I'm not taking him back. I mean THEY are the one's that wanted him in all day Kindergarten. Well, now they got their wish! I just wish I wasn't the one being called into the principal's office....

Peace Out!
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