Trash Day: The ER, the Call and Chili Verde

     Trash Day (Otherwise Known as I Needed to Get Some Housekeeping Done) is  a semi-regular feature here on the blog. It will be characterized by a complete lack of story structure and will most likely be a collection of random thoughts, announcements and miscellaneous housekeeping tasks. Welcome to the inner workings of my mind....

The ER
I didn't post yesterday because I spent far too long a great deal of my evening in the ER with Myriam. Myriam cut her arm and it required a single stitch to put her back together again. Sometimes it takes a situation like this to show just how far Myriam has come.

She was very calm through everything, including the actual stitching part; which she actually watched with great fascination. But it was so amazing listening to her interact with people who were strangers to her. Myriam actually answered their questions for the most part and other than insisting that all she needed was a bandage the whole experience was relatively painless.

The Call
I'm not willing to get into a great deal of detail about this at this time but I think I'm being called.... As in a higher power is forcing my hand. I'm torn because I hate the idea that I'm not in control over my own life but I also feel like it's the right thing to do. It's going to be inconvenient and hard and possibly heart-breaking wonderful.

I am being pushed into something that scares me and regardless of how I feel about it, it's meant to be. *I think*

Chili Verde (Crockpot Recipe)
I ran across this recipe a few weeks ago and then promptly lost it. I don't know where I read it (somewhere online) and I don't exactly remember what went into the original so I made it up as I went along. It was SO good that I thought I would share it with ya'll, because I love you. You can thank me later.

Pork roast (any size from 2-5 lbs)
1 small white onion sliced
1 packet of taco seasoning (I used the HOT variety because we love the heat.)
16 oz jar of green salsa (I used Medium.)
2 C. beef broth (or more to keep the roast from drying out)
2 T. unsalted butter*

Spray crockpot with cooking spray for easier clean up. Lay onion slices on the bottom of the crockpot to act as a "trivet" for the roast. Rub taco seasoning into the roast and lay massaged roast onto the onions. Pour salsa and beef broth over roast (it doesn't have to be completely covered), seal down lid and cook on low for 6-8 hours depending on roast size. At the 6 hour mark I shredded the pork roast, added the butter to the liquid and returned the deliciousness to the liquid until time to serve.

Serve with warm tortillas and big spoons.

*The butter is purely optional but it thickens the liquid and makes the stew velvety.

Peace Out!
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