VBS: A Recap in Pictures

     I was the "official" VBS photographer at my church last week. And by "official" I mean that in lieu of pay they fed me lots of VBS treats and I provided them with a record of all the fun we had. Here's a few of my favorite shots.

I belong to a Lutheran church and if you know anything about Lutherans you know that we (they--I'm a convert) are a pretty stolid bunch. You'd never know it by the pictures I took.

I told the Pastor that if you based your opinion of Lutherans on my photos, you'd think we were party people. He said it was good for people to know that we can and DO have fun.

Part of our VBS was a mission project. The children made over 340 cards to send to troops serving in Afghanistan. We ended our week long "desert journey" with a dousing from a firetruck.

Peace Out!
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