Don't Insult the Photographer...

     If you're a photographer I'm sure you've heard, "Wow! Your camera takes great pictures." I hear it all the time and the vast majority of people who say it don't recognize it for the disparaging comment it is. Because although having the right equipment helps tremendously a good photographer does more than just push that little button.

Being a good photographer means being patient.

This was a surprise vow renewal. I waited, for what felt like hours, for this shot to unfold. I had to wait until everyone was visible in the shot and still keep the girls in focus. I only got one shot off while the girls dashed to their parents--but it was a keeper.

Being a good photographer means being flexible.

Yes I'm belly down in a dusty, dirty, field-during ragweed season; that wasn't the hard part of this shot. My left elbow was also buried in a patch of stinging nettles. I knew it as soon as I planted it in the dirt. I kept it there for 18 frames because every shot was perfect.

Being a good photographer means being a storyteller.

Jordan was a girlie-girl. She was all about the bling and I loved the idea that she was tromping around the farm in four inch sparkly heels.

Being a good photographer means being silly.

You should have seen the face I was making to get this reaction....

And being a good photographer means being fearless.

A firetruck was "hosing" off the VBS kids. Yeah I took the CANON out in that. To give you an idea how wet I was, I was shooting frames with my eyes closed because water was pouring down my face; I couldn't see anyway. Thank goodness for auto focus!

     So the next time someone tells you, "Wow! Your camera takes great pictures," tell them, "You know, this cake/cookie/pie/lasagna is fantastic! Your oven must be incredible."

Peace Out!

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