Birthday Crowns

     Myriam's 6th birthday party was a success. I mean, other than the utter meltdown that occurred after and a little bit of rude "Don't touch my (new) toys!" that occurred during. My tiny house was filled to overflowing with people that love my daughter and what more can you really ask for?
Well, if you're Myriam you can ask for:

Today's post will cover the party hats/crowns.

So I made crowns for five little girls.

Here's the supply list:

Three yards of lace (I picked up mine at Wally World for $1.25 a yard.)

Modge Podge to act as a stiffener.

Silver spray paint.

Hot glue (because you have to)

Gem stones (because who doesn't like a lot of bling)

Now I would love to take full credit for this project but let's face it, I'm not that creative. I got this idea from JoyFolie. She's a really great photographer and much more creative than I am (which really isn't saying all that much, really).

I cut the lace about 15' long and then dropped it in a cup of Modge Podge (you might consider using fabric stiffener), squeezed out the excess and let the lace dry on some wax paper. When it was no longer sticky but not completely dry I moved the strips to a wire cooling rack to speed up the drying process. After they were dry I spray painted the strips (and part of my back deck but the Hubby hasn't noticed yet, so I'm not telling him), both front and back. Lastly I added jewels using hot glue and glued the ends together to make a circle.*

The hardest part of the whole project was getting Myriam to pose for pictures.

Myriam really loved her crown and pretending she was a princess.

Peace Out!
*This is not a DIY blog so if you want step by step instructions with gorgeous photos Check out JoyFolie. She'll hook you up. Pin It
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