Bacon *Mmmm* Bacon

     I have decided to use my considerable on-line influence to do something important with my life. I have decided to take control of my destiny and instead of waiting around, being a passenger on this roller coaster called life, to actively seek out my greatest desire. (FYI--This post really has nothing to do with bacon except that I've decided that one of my influential topics on Klout should be BACON.)

     Bacon and I have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. There for awhile we were estranged. We've reconciled recently and have been known to share a breakfast once in awhile. Share, whatevs. No one shares bacon!

     But really I need one of you fellow mommy bloggers out there to go onto Klout and list as one of my topics BACON. Why the hell can't I be influential about Bacon? I mean someone out there thought enough of me to say I'm influential about Autism. Do I look like some kind of expert? The fact is that I know way more about Bacon than I do about Autism. If you need references take a look at my hips--they should provide you with ample recommendations.
     I'm begging here folks. Don't make me go all Martha Stewart and make myself a bacon bra just to prove a point. No one wants to see that, except maybe Lady Gaga. What I'm asking for is a simple, simple thing. Make my dream come true, go to and give me the gift of influential-ality concerning all things BACON--just one little +K.

Klout is standing by....

Peace Out!
*Oh and following me on Twitter might make that task easier. Pin It
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