Trash Day (Otherwise Known as I Needed to Get Some Housekeeping Done)

     Trash Day is NOW a semi-regular feature on the blog. It will be characterized by a complete lack of story structure and will most likely be a collection of random thoughts, announcements and miscellaneous housekeeping tasks. Welcome to the inner workings of my mind....

     So there have been BIG changes in the Mommy Household. The least of which (and I do mean the very least) is that a blue bin miraculously appeared on my curb last week. It seems that due to the enormous pressure applied by my readers and myself,  my local trash company decided to lift their pay twice to get your trash picked up change their recycling policy. So that means the Mommy Household is now somewhat green(er)! Dora the Mouse-Ka-Mover is ecstatic. Ya know, so long as they don't make this whole process complicated or inconvenient cause then I'll turn that blue bin into a planter or something.*

New Direction
     You might also notice that I am now ad free. Go ahead. Try and find an ad. I dare you. I have decided after a ton of soul searching that I am changing the direction this blog is taking. I'm not advertising for companies that don't pay me. My writing is a service that I offer to businesses and if they are interested in those services, I will need to be compensated. Besides getting paid 40 cents for a month's worth of ads is just stupid. You might also notice that I'm not hosting a Linky for Wordless/Word full Wednesday. That's also part of my new direction.
     I've said this before, my content isn't as good as it was when I started. In fact, I'm losing ground every week. After a huge amount of hard to hear much appreciated constructive criticism I realized that I've fallen into the same trap nearly every blogger falls into. The race for numbers. Every day I chase the ever elusive Alexa and every day I am disappointed. Maybe the reason I've been stuck at 220,000 is because all I do is chase that ring? Maybe if I concentrated on the direction I want my blog to take and the content I'm producing the numbers will take care of themselves? It's a theory I'm testing out.
     So I'm no longer wasting my time trying to get 60 people who barely glace at the drivel I've been putting out there to link up with me just because I get a few extra pageviews. I will no longer spend all Tuesday night chasing the magic Linky. I will spend it enjoying my family, watching my favorite show, attending a friends birthday party or any number of other things that I WANT to do.

     And lastly, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that we've pulled the boys out of preschool. I would be lying if said that part of the reason wasn't financial because it was but it wasn't the main reason. We have been informed that the boys probably aren't ready for Kindergarten in the fall and I can't justify continuing to pay for preschool especially when it costs more to send a kid to preschool for two days than it does to send them to all day Kindergarten when they aren't going to be ready to continue on with their class.
     There are a lot of extenuating circumstances and I don't blame anyone, in fact I still believe that we are fortunate to live in an area with one of the finest school districts in the state but preschool wasn't a good fit for our boys at this time. So today is the boy's last day in regular preschool and tomorrow I start a homeschooling adventure. Don't get any ideas that I've decided to forgo the whole public school thing! Far from it. I will just home school the remainder of the school year and over the summer to see if we can get the boys caught up.**

     So those are the majority of the thoughts that have been occupying my mind of late. And I will get into greater detail on many of the items. But for now my housekeeping is done. Ya know, until one of the kids makes another ginormous mess.
Oh and happy leap day er... year???

Peace Out!

*FYI I'm relatively certain that my blog post about having to pay to recycle never made it to the ears of our local trash company.

**I will be writing a follow up to elaborate on our reasons for this change and keep you up to date on our progress. And if any of you homeschooling mamas want to give me some pointers, have at it! I need all the help I can get because I've gotta get two little boys ready for Kindergarten and keep Myriam active over the summer. Pin It
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