It's NOT All About the Numbers, Grasshopper....

       I have a wildly talented friend.  He's an actor, writer, director and producer; he's just amazing, really!  David Wayne Reed* and I went to school together. He was a senior when I was a Freshman and to my geeky little mind he was a god! So during my senior year, when he "rehearsed" his coming out speech to me before breaking the news to his parents I was naturally devastated. This just shows what an amazing actress I was David, because you never knew that all the while you were telling me/your father that you were gay and proud my teenaged heart was breaking. And you never knew that those tears that I cried with you were not for you, but for me.

Fast forward a million years ==>

       It is very easy to get caught up in the numbers game of blogging. I mean Alexa and Klout make it so very easy to obsess over every lost point, that sometimes you forget why you are blogging to begin with. But sometimes these "rulers of my score" provide you with a nugget so delicious that all you can do is sit back and relish every moment. That was what happened on Sunday.
       My friend, my god, my barometer of all things cultural and bohemian that Kansas City has to offer, his Klout score is influenced by wait for it ME! If only, my dear readers, you knew how great David's influence has been in my life. Maybe then you would understand the significance of this moment. David Wayne Reed propelled me into the arts. It was he who told me to act--and act I did (in college), he who now spurs my proverbial pen, and he who peers down the lens of my camera and whispers into the ear of my imagination.
       And now I... I hold sway over one small part of him.

We have come full circle, grasshopper. We have come full circle.
*David Wayne Read is in fact an amazing actor/writer/director/producer in the Kansas City area, we did go to school together and are still friends. I have and always will credit/fault him for pushing me towards and cultivating in me a love of the arts. Thank you David for letting me use your name and likeness for my little blog. Today as always; much love!
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