Small Town Gossip

     I knew that I was going to field questions as soon as I decided to do what I did. The timing WAS all kinds of ironic, I guess. But it never fails to amaze me how fast gossip spreads in a small town. Like light speed, really....

     I live on a highly trafficked street but not one that is a "destination" to many of the people I know. Add to that, the fact that Facebook is a playground for the absurd and the petty and I guess I should have known what everyone was going to say....

     It started Friday morning when I posted an ad in a local Swap N Shop page on Facebook. I've been selling off a few of my daughter's gently used, brand name clothes but there has been an engagement ring rattling around in my jewelry box for almost 20 years now and I decided that I would try to sell it too. Not because we are hurting for money but because I will never wear it again and I can put the money towards something else like a new camera lens, some really sexy slingbacks, or red velvet cupcakes. Mmm... cupcakes.... clothes for the kids.

*If anyone is in the market for ring, I'm asking $75. It's a good deal and a good diamond.
I probably have the paperwork for it somewhere....

     Here's where the irony comes into play. My dad had some of my mom's miscellaneous stuff in a trailer that was supposed to go to my house for storage and he decided that Friday afternoon would be a perfect time to transfer the stuff to my house.

So that everyone understands the timeline here--
  • Sometime Friday morning I post an ad offering an engagement ring for sale.
  • Later that afternoon a truck and trailer arrives in front of my house....

See where we're going here folks?

Just to clear everything up
  • The Hubby and I aren't getting a divorce.
  • We are not destitute.
  • We're not losing our house.
  • Everything is fine.
  • Really.

      I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that everyone thought what they thought when I posted the ring, but I was surprised how many people saw the trailer parked outside my house. Especially considering the road construction going on on my cross street. Hell, I live here and I've been avoiding my street like the plague!

Ah... the joys of living in Podunk.

Peace Out!
*Seriously, if anyone wants to buy a ring let me know. I really want to buy that lens the kids some new clothes. Or maybe I'll just blow the whole wad on cupcakes... mmm... cupcakes.... Pin It
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