Trash Day: Bloggy Boot Camp and Many Thanks

     Trash Day (Otherwise Known as I Needed to Get Some Housekeeping Done) is  a semi-regular feature here on the blog. It will be characterized by a complete lack of story structure and will most likely be a collection of random thoughts, announcements and miscellaneous housekeeping tasks. Welcome to the inner workings of my mind....

Hey Ya'll!
I have a few housekeeping items to tell you about today. So let's get to it.

First off I need to thank everyone for so generously offering up the +Ks. I am now, in fact, influential about BACON. The bacon industry is currently reeling in my influence and I expect Hormel to be offering up sponsorships anytime now. Hear that @HormelBrand! *Call me*

Bloggy Boot Camp
I have a little announcement to make. I'm NOT here this weekend because I'm in St. Louis attending Bloggy Boot Camp! That's right, I'm hobnobbing with other mommy bloggers, as we speak. Well, as you read.... Depending on what time you are reading this, that is. It IS possible that I haven't made it to St. Louis yet but you really don't care about my travel itinerary, do you? (It's ok to be totally jealous. I would be if I weren't in St. Louis right now!) I'm attempting to hone my craft, as it were.

If you couldn't make it to BBC this year, you can live vicariously through me by following along via Twitter. Give me a follow and I promise to tweet constantly and maybe even send out some totally embarrassing killer pictures too!

Have a great weekend ya'll.

Peace Out!
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