Twitter and the Death of the Blog

     So I read somewhere probably on a blog that someone said that the invention of Twitter marks the demise of blogging as we know it. And to some degree I would have to agree with that statement.
     Things that happen to me or that my children have said, would have originally been fleshed out and made into a blog posts but since I've figured out this whole Twitter thang: I mean, I FINALLY get what the whole hash tag thing is about now! jumping on the Twitter bandwagon I just tweet it instead. So if you aren't following me on Twitter And why the hell aren't you? I'm highly entertaining! I thought it might be interesting for you to check out my story 140 characters (or less) at a time.

It always makes me a little giddy when I run out of dish soap. Because it means no more dishes for awhile!!!

My kids ate all of their lunch...hmm...what am I going to eat then?

Bagpipes, Highland Dancers and men in skirts! Ethnic Fest, oh my!

For Sale Cheap! 1 Super Hero N training! Pwrs Nclude mass destruction & sonic tantrums. Answers 2 the Spasm or Porter. Call 4 more 411.

Just watched my boys zoom off with Papa in the sidecar! Logan flashed me some devil horns as they pulled out. Gotta love that!

Myriam and I had choc cake and ice cream for lunch! Yeah. I'm a good mommy. lol

"To err is human. To arrr is pirate!" --Brother Joe

Today's mess of the day yogurt and choc pudding!!! Glad that's over with. The suspense was killing me.

I wonder when my hatred of unloading the dishwasher began? It's not like it's a horrible job but I avoid it like the plague!

Layers, baby layers! My daughter 2. Sometimes she looks like the stay puff marshmallow man. but she's warm!

My son Porter made like he was going to kiss me on the cheek and instead licked me from chin to ear! He then told me I tasted yucky...hmm...

At what age do kids quit flushing stuff down the toilet??? Happy New Year to all the good parents/plumbers out there!

My son, Logan, just informed me that they are called hiccups because you make a hick, hick noise when you have them. I didn't know that....

I'm getting ready to give the children Buttershots if they don't calm down!

The kids decided I'm sick. They have me laying on the couch and Myriam is the Doctor. She's listening 2 my chest w/a Santa hat stethoscope.

My son, Logan is running around labeling everything as either boy or girl. Apparently I'm a boy. Wonder if my husband knows that?

Porter just looked in the vanity mirror of my Jeep and said, "I'm Soo handsome!"

Porter just saw a jet trail and he yells, "Look a spaceship! It's goin' to tha moon!" Where do they get this stuff?

So I catch Logan licking a doll he's playing with and I asked him what he's doing. "I's washing him's hair," he tells me.

Myriam singing in the backseat: Baa baa black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir! Yes sir! Blah, blah, blah.... Me: Hahaha

TY oh candy fairy, that left yumminess on our front porch! ideas 4 nxt time: Vodka!! JK thx!!!

I'm pretty sure Porter said "What", Logan replied "Chicken Butt", and all 3 kids laughed. Who teaches them these things?

Myriam walked into school today UNASSISTED for the first time today!!! And yes I'm crying like an idiot.

2day's our 7th anniversary. Happy anniversary Hubby! U know that UR stuck w me 4ever? We've too many kids; the child support would break U.

I thought I saw Bigfoot but turns out it was a hairy jogger.

My daughter used a handryer w/o freaking out today.

Me: What are you gonna be when you grow up? Porter: I'm gonna be a Ghostbuster!!

I told the children that I was going for a spa day and Porter says "I wouldn't want to wear pickles on my eyes." Hmm...

Logan can lick his ELBOW! I thought that was impossible. Well, it earned him a dollar from Daddy.

While munching on a graham cracker, Logan asks, "Are these made out of boxes because they're good?"

Laughing is an aerobic activity, right?

Yesterday was a struggle. Today my wonderful little boy who loves to learn is BACK!!

After last night coffee is my best friend!

Porter-Why you no have any money? Me-Because I have kids. Porter-Well that STINKS!

The boys found the Blazing Saddles app on the Hubby's phone. Good to know that the farting scene appeals to 4 yr olds and 37 yr olds.

I am less than an inch away from being BACK into my wedding dress! (I was married 8 years ago.)

*See I told you I figured out the hash tags!

I hope you enjoyed my journey down Twitter Lane.

Peace Out!
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