Symptoms of Obesity and My Real Weight

     I know that I have a dysfunctional relationship with food. I mean, otherwise I wouldn't be overweight obese right? As I continue on my weight loss journey I'm starting to recognize the symptoms of this dysfunction. Part of it's societal. I mean why must every celebration in our life be marked by the ingestion of food? Think about it!
Happy birthday! Have a cake.
Happy anniversary! Let's go out to dinner.
Wedding? Reception.
Getting together with friends? Dinner and drinks.

When was the last time you invited a friend out... for a bike ride?
I think I was 8.  

     Part of my problem is genetics. Although my father is thin, always has been; he will tell you that it's all self-control and exercise. I'm going to tell you that common sense has no place in this rant he has good genes on his side too because the majority of his siblings don't have weight problems either. But on my mother's side... well, suffice it to say they struggle.
     There is another part that I don't like to talk about as much. That part is the reason I eat. The stuffing away of problems, emotions and people. The weight is a (physical) barrier I put up between me and all of those things. The food is a merely a vehicle, a tool, a means to an end. I know all of this because I too had 15 credit hours of college psychology but I still IT wins.

My weight loss awards; the "copper" key ring represents my loss of 10% of my total body weight and the "washer" celebrates the loss of my first 25 lbs.

But maybe not this time.
Maybe this is the time that I win.
The time I beat the battle of the bulge.

Current Weight:  277.6        Weight Loss:  31.6

Peace Out!
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