Writer's Workshop: Ten Strong

4.) Write a poem about a place you felt safe growing up.

I hope that I will always continue to grow as a person. I am fortunate to have a group of friends that facilitate and encourage my growth. Wherever they are I am safe to be myself and encouraged to become the person I always wanted to be.

I count them--ten!
Ten strong tonight.
Sometime less (or more) but always strength in numbers.

Laughter *SPARKS*

Support and caring, truth and love,
Build relationships.
Women strong and beautiful,
Cultivate in each other the beauty and strength within.

Growth and wine, friendship and CUPCAKES,
Bless the blessed.
Friendship fosters security and promotes healing.

What better place to grow as a woman and mother than in the company of other women? I am fortunate to have a strong, talented group of women that I count as friends. Every time I am fortunate enough to spend time with them I feel myself becoming the woman and friend they see in me. Thank you ladies for tonight! As always I love seeing you and being a part of your lives. Thanks for listening and accepting me just the way I am.

I count them!
Mothers, wives, friends--every one.
Ten strong tonight.

Wine and cupcakes,
Food and laughter
Blessings counted--ten.
Ten strong tonight.

Peace Out!
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