My Birthday Present

     My birthday is tomorrow. I will be 37 years-old. I did the math, That's why I know (because we all know that I never remember how old I am). The Hubby has forgotten that my birthday was in fact THIS Friday. He thought it was next week. I know this because I reminded him last weekend and he asked me if I was sure.

      I was sure.    
     Now I'm not really surprised by this fact. My Hubby isn't the best in these situations. I'm not saying that he forgets special dates--far from it! He's the one that usually remembers our anniversary. And I only remember his birthday because I'm smart enough to set a reminder on my calendar. It's the gift part that he...struggles with. Now I don't have stories of inappropriate gifts; the gifts aren't THAT bad, it's just that they often aren't well executed. For example last year he got me Photoshop. Not bad. I wanted it. But he bought the down-loadable version from the website the night before my birthday. And with our internet connection it would have taken about... THREE DAYS to download. So I didn't get to play with my present until he could go somewhere with a hotspot and download it. And that took a couple of days.
    Please note I've never really said anything about it--or maybe I have, I'm not really sure. Either way there's been no improvment in the 7 years that we've been married. This just isn't my Hubby's thing and I know that it's never going to change, so I've lowered my expectations. Besides you really can't expect him to remember anything during this time of the year. So it's really my own fault for being born during deer season. I guess I'll know better next time. Ya know if the Hindu's are all right about this reincarnation thing. I guess if I grew a set of antlers on my head he might take more notice....
     So I decided that instead of trying to change a full, grown man I should work on subjects that I can more easily mold--my children. I've been prepping them since the beginning of the month. "Mommy's birthday is coming up soon! It's a very special day!"
     Yesterday I asked the kiddos what they were getting to get me for my birthday. Logan said, "Hmm... I'm going to buy you a new puppy!" I reminded him that we already had three puppies and didn't need another one. Porter said that he would buy me a "Monster truck". Please note he means a real one; not a toy. That would make a statement in the valet line. Myriam just decided that it was in fact HER birthday and that all of the presents would be hers. *sigh* I'm beginning to think that this present deficiency syndrome is genetic.

Peace out!
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