An Ode to Joy....

     As I was grocery shopping yesterday I wandered down the cookie aisle, which is the same aisle as the bread. Damn you, grocers! And your brilliantly evil product placement. And it all of a sudden hit me that the season had in fact changed. Because right before my eyes the proof that cooler weather was upon us, sat enticingly on the shelf. There it was tucked between the Lorna Doones and the Keebler Elves--that bright yellow package that makes my pulse race just a little and my mouth water....

   I have very few wishes in life! (OK that's a flat out lie but go with me here.) The first is to find THE perfect medium-rare jalapeno cheeseburger. You know what I'm talking about, right? It must be grilled on a flat grill so that it has that slightly crisp outer crust and the jalapenos have to be roasted not pickled. I'm not as picky about the cheese, anything goes there....

(Sorry folks that was a tangent I wasn't expecting to take. But guess what I'm having for dinner?)

     But my second culinary wish in life is that Mallomars would be sold year round. That's right, folks! Fall has arrived! Because if Podunk, Kansas has Mallomars on the shelves you know--They. Are. Everywhere. (In case you didn't know Mallomars are a seasonal cookie. You can only get them during the cooler weather months. Unless you horde them in a refrigerator you keep in the garage just for this purpose. Not that I would know anything about that.) Surely you've had Mallomars? It's a walking s'more but better because the marshmallow is already ever-so-slightly gooey. But that makes me wonder if I can microwave them!!!*
     Well, in the Mommyverse nothing signals the arrival of autumn like the return of Mallomars. Yet another reason this is my favorite season. Hurry and get yours soon! Before I buy every last one in the state.

Peace out!
I wasn't paid for this piece. I just really love Mallomars.
*You probably shouldn't microwave Mallomars. But if you do make sure you poke a hole through the chocolate to allow the steam to escape. Oh, and don't microwave for any longer than 4 seconds.

Does anyone know the best way to clean marshmallow from a microwave?
And did I mention that you probably shouldn't microwave Mallomars?

And while we are at it, what is the singular of Mallomars?
Anyone? Anyone?
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