#WarmBodies: The Zombie as a Metaphor

     It is a fact, that in times of crisis people look for comfort in their past. It is also a fact, that fashion is an accurate barometer of the perceived state of our economy and nation. Don't believe me? Skirts always go higher and fashion gets bolder when we have a perceived security of home and a fistful of cash to spend. Look at the 80's--Reaganomics saw hair at an all time high; in the Clinton years, more skin was revealed, not just in the White House but on the runways, than ever before. And now... well, we have the return of the peplum. Hello, crisis!

     Another fact is, that even during the Great Depression the movie industry turned a profit. Typically ticket sales are higher during recessions/depressions than any other time. I guess we all need an escape. My family dynamic proves that. Except for the peplum part. No way my hips need to look any wider. I'm pretty sure that the Hubby and I saw more movies during his unemployment and our own financial recovery, than in the entire time we dated.
     After a postponed date night due to a sick kid on Friday, the Hubby and I were sent off Sunday afternoon to enjoy lunch, a movie and some much needed grocery shopping. Yes, this is what my life has become, because this is scintillating stuff. So with a bounce in our step and a song in our heart Gangnam Style we headed to the movies.
     "Warm Bodies" was on the docket. Now typically I'm not a fan of the horror genre. Truth be told, I can't handle scary/gory/creepy movies. I'm a wimp. They mess with my head and give me nightmares. See? Told you, I'm a wimp. I especially hate zombie movies. There's something about being chased and turned into a mindless monster that's really upsetting to me. But this zombie movie looked different.
     It doesn't surprise me that zombies have taken over as the "monster of choice" if you will. The zombie speaks to the hopelessness that we as a whole feel. The vampire, whose throne the zombie usurped, speaks to a hope, a belief in the goodness of the human spirit. A belief that even after the monster claims you, you still remain; a spark or a soul that can never be extinguished. The zombie, on the other hand, is all consuming pun intended; all that remains is drive for brains. And since I'm over analyzing shit.... It's not a huge leap to see those brains as a symbol of the humanity lost to the monster. "Warm Bodies" made this leap and took it further. Without giving too much away, it provided the hope that the threat of a zombie apocalypse is sorely missing.
     As the Hubby and I exited the theater hand in hand, I predicted that this movie would mark the end of the zombie craze. He pointed out the long list of summer, zombie-themed, movies ahead of us but I stand by my prediction. Because if I've learned anything in my almost 40 years on this planet, it's that faith in the human spirit can crush even the most zombie-fied economy.

Peace Out!
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