Writer's Workshop: For the Love of a Daughter

1.) Happy almost Mother's Day! Share a parenting moment where you really began to realize what this mothering thing is all about.

     As I write this post it's ten 'til eleven (PM). This is significant because as I type I hear the sound of Myriam's swing as the rope groans and the swing bumps into the wall. These noises are followed by angrily, mumbled, catch phrases from Myriam's favorite cartoons and lines from movies that she hears when we think she's gone to bed. Yes, my six year-old is still up and it's going to be a long night.

Welcome to my world....

     My daughter's prize possessions are Lalaloopsy dolls. We have LOTS of them. The holy of holies is "Blue Glucy". I feel the need to divulge that I have a love/hate relationship with these dolls. I despise the company that makes these dolls and every time I purchase anything from this company I feel like a little piece of my soul dies. If you don't know, MGA Entertainment--the company responsible for Lalaloopsy also makes the Brats dolls who are the whores of the doll community. Let's just say that I question the intrinsic value of these [Brats] dolls but more importantly I questions the example these dolls set for our daughters and while Lalaloopsy is a throwback to a more innocent time I still have a hard time supporting a company that sells sex to elementary children.
     But my daughter LOVES her "Glucys" and there are so few things that I know for certain make her happy, that I will stuff my "moral outrage" down and refuse to feel guilty about it. Well, today the unthinkable occurred. While changing Blue Glucy's clothes Myriam pulled too hard and off came Glucy's arm. Mommy couldn't fix it and so the tears began. The tears turned into sobbing, which beget screaming, which in turn beget the throwing of toys, shoes, clothes and books.
     After about an hour, the tantrum slowed to crying with occasional bouts of unintelligible mutterings and a few gasp-y, "I'm, I'm, I'm SOOO sorry Glucy. Please be-be-be better...."
     So while I wait for Myriam to finally drift off to sleep I search for another "Blue Glucy" online. I bid on one on eBay until the bid went over $100 and sometime in the last hour, fourteen of them appeared on Amazon when there was only one (for $500) before. So I guess I need to break out the debit card and fork over the $50 for a new Glucy but first I'm going to see if Papa can fix her and if not, call a doll hospital in the area.
     But until tomorrow, I will continue to sit here and worry about how to explain this loss to my baby (who still thinks I can fix everything with a kiss) while waiting for her to finally go to sleep. I hope it happens soon, but until it does I sit here and wait... and realize that this is the night that I lose some of my "mommy magic". I can't fix this booboo. I can't make the hurt go away, so I sit and worry and pray and realize this is what it is to be a mother.

Epilogue: Myriam FINALLY went to sleep about 12:45 and we were up at 6:30 just like always. *sigh* Papa came by and couldn't fix Glucy so I started calling the two doll hospitals that are listed in my area, all to no avail! No one can or will fix a Lala. So as of right now Glucy is hidden from sight and Myriam is wandering around asking when she's coming home.
Yes. I lied. Don't judge me! I told her that I took her to be fixed. So now I need to need to scrounge together the money to buy another one.

Peace Out!
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