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     I make no bones about how weird I think this whole "blogger notoriety" thing is. I really have a hard time understanding why anyone is remotely interested in my life or what I have to say. I'm a SAHM to three kids. What's interesting about that? I wipe butts and noses all day long. The most important decision I make is what I'm serving for dinner and yet, for some reason you keep reading. Now I'm not going to try and dissuade you--I love that you drop by! But it certainly gives one pause.

     One of the things that I love about social media, Twitter in particular, is that it gives you a window into the mind of your followers. A snapshot if you will, showing how you relate to those individuals and a reason why they have chosen to follow.
     I am so obsessed with the WHY that I analyze each new follower, so that I may better understand them and their reasons for choosing me. I love to categorize and group each individual and I have found that, in my case, there are a few distinct categories. I find it really amusing the different kinds of people that feel the need to follow me on Twitter. Here's my profile.

     It's a rather weird eclectic group that has gathered around me. The vast majority are the other fellow mommy/bloggers out there and for the most part I understand their need to follow. It's a club; we understand each other. I also have several photographers but many of those are also bloggers, so it's really just a subset. Another subset of the mommy/blogger category is the businesses. Again if you are a blogger you understand why businesses are attempting to glom on.
     Now it's probably best to know that after those three groups things just get crazy random. During deer season I have hunters and businesses that cater to hunters clamoring for my attention. Interesting since I barely dedicate one post a season to hunting. There's the autism groups, people with autism, companies that provide services to individuals with autism, parents of autistic children and advocacy groups. Overall, a crazy energetic bunch. And most recently I've gained (pun intended) a large weight loss/health junkie-guru following. I find it ever so slightly amusing because they are very persistent that THEY can show me the easy way to lose the weight and get into peak shape. But the newest group in my Twitter empire is the home schooling contingency.
     I think that what I find most intriguing about all of these groups is how they find me and how very few posts it takes to get an entirely new crop! So it still begs the question, since I've never engaged with the vast majority of my followers, why do you follow me?

Peace Out!
Since we are discussing following and such, my GFC is gone, baby, gone! Don't miss a moment. Cause God knows how interesting I am! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook now! Pin It
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