~TMI Alert~ My Period and My Weight

     I apologize up front for this post but when the only company that you have during the day are the 2-3 children hanging off your leg then something's gotta give. And we all know, that what gives way is my sanity.

     It's possible that I'm hormonal right now. I don't keep track of those things anymore because I've had my tubes tied, burned, cut and anything else my OBGYN could think to do to prevent me from birthing a litter pregnancy. I've also had an intra uterine ablation* so my cycle is wacky to non-existent. Which makes tracking a little on the impossible difficult side. It should also be known that the Mommy Household is at the end of a pay cycle. Translation: We're broke! So that means that we use only the resources available to us.

     All of this babbling I'm doing is because I'm STARVING!

     This has been the worst couple of weeks that I've had since starting my weight loss journey. Nothing satisfies my cravings--even when I break down and eat three the damn cookie!
     The reason I point out the hormonal, is because I know that at certain times throughout the year I have to break down and do a protein laden, high iron meal to rein in my cravings. (Thankfully I love me some liver and onions!) Before the ablation I was so iron deficient that even on those doctor prescribed, mega-iron pills I was still anemic. To give you an idea how bad my periods were I missed one day of work a month because I couldn't leave the bathroom for longer than a couple of minutes at a time and for the first 2-3 days I had to wear adult diapers to contain the bleeding. My periods also lasted 7-10 days. It was horrible. I can say with certainty that the ablation was the single biggest, life-changing event in my life--even more so than the children.
     I no longer need iron supplements and I now have, what I've learned are normal periods (although I only have one every 2-3 months). I no longer live in fear of my period--dreading "that time of the month" and I no longer have to stop living my life for 3-4 days a month.
     The money thing comes into play because whatever I am craving obviously doesn't reside in my refrigerator and I don't have it in the budget to go buy it, even if I knew what IT was.

So if you combine the the two, I'm just screwed. *sigh*

     I'm pretty sure that I'm going to gain when I weigh in on Thursday. And that's going to suck. Hard. I had one week shortly after I started that I gained. It was right around Christmas and I gained .8 lb. I was disappointed but not heartbroken. I knew I had over-eaten and was ok with it. This time is a little different. Yes I've over-eaten but it really feels like the odds were stacked against me. It feels... unfair.
     I did everything I've been taught to do by Weight Watchers. I tried drinking more water to help sate my apatite. I ate my fruit with some protein to help fill me up and keep me full longer. I GOT up and started moving and if you know me at all you know that exercise is NOT my friend. And now I feel like I'm waiting for the ax man.

Your turn: What do you do when you want to eat everything in sight? Or am I alone on this one?

 Peace Out!.
*An intra uterine ablation is a medical procedure where they sear the uterine lining by passing an electric current through the uterus. I had it done in office and was awake for the procedure. It requires that the patient to be barren or surgically sterile. It's also rather invasive, as the cervix must be dilated, a "metal balloon" inserted into the uterus, and then the lining seared by the current running across the "balloon". It was a remarkably painless (but very weird) experience. I walked out of the office and went home after. If you have any of the symptoms that I listed above you really should talk to your OBGYN. It could change your life too. Pin It
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