The Night After Christmas

Tis the night after Christmas and all through my house
I'm stepping on toys and snapping at my spouse.
The children are bouncing on top of their beds,
24 hours of non-stop sugar has gone to their heads.
And I in front of my laptop and the Hubby sprawled on the couch
had just settled in for a long TV slouch.

When from the Myriam's bedroom arose such a holler
I ran into her room and tripped over the squalor!
When asked to explain her frightened outburst,
she said that Christmas was over and it was the worst!
She cried when she told me of her delight
when seeing the tree all covered in lights.
The thought of taking all of the decorations down
made her smile turn into a frown.
So right that moment a deal was made.
The decorations departure would be delayed.
You see this is our tradition each and every year.
The decorations must come down MUCH slower than they appeared.
An autistic brain doesn't like change
but the Mommy needs order and the two are oft estranged.
By the start of the year the lights must be withdrawn
and the remnants of the holiday long gone.
But at least for right now the lights will continue to shine.
Myriam's intact vision of Christmas divine.

Peace Out!
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