Bees and Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

We've been working every weekend to get our farm, Far West ready to go. Today we added our newest 5000 occupants: Carniolan honey bees!

We've done the bee thing before but I was pregnant with the twins so I really had no dealings with them. Although, I vividly remember the sound a package of bees sitting in my laundry room overnight, makes. *shudder*

Like I said, I had no dealings with them and I was completely okay with that! Until recently...
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Bastard Rabbits

Every morning, after I get the children off to school, I do chores. I feed and water the chickens and usually chase the escaped hen back into the chicken run. I spend a lot of time chasing that hen back into the run. *sigh* I then feed and water the rabbits, currently we have over fifty. (Yes, I said fifty.) I then check on any new baby rabbits and pet and cuddle any older, baby rabbits. I check any pregnant does and give scratches, hay, treats, and willow branches to everyone. I clean out cages and coops, and shovel rabbit poop into the garden beds, as needed. After that I let the dogs out and feed and water them. I do this every morning and again after school. In the summer you can add multiple trips to the freezer to retrieve frozen 2 liter bottles of water, to help keep everyone cool. This process takes anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours.

Today it was pouring rain.

I decided that everyone could wait until there was a break in the weather.

That was a bad decision on my part.
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I just CAN'T keep my big mouth shut!

This story is about the time I got called a BITCH in the grocery store. Actually, it happened this afternoon. AAAAND... I might have deserved it.


It's really a judgement call. I'll let you decide.

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Thankfulness, Hard Work, Sustainability, and Tiny Bunnies

Since purchasing our property, that we've named Far West, every weekend is now a work weekend. There's so much to do before we move out there, tree clearing being the highest on the list. We have a lot of Red Cedar, Honey Locust and Osage Orange trees (all of which are not good for shade or aesthetic) that need to go.  So we've spent our weekends cutting down trees, dragging brush and stacking firewood. Hard work, to be sure.

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The Revenge of Tiny Cowboy!

In a town of less than 5000, it was only a matter of time before someone informed Tiny Cowboy about me and my blog posts, and he finally enacted his revenge. Apparently, today was that day because this morning at school drop off, Tiny Cowboy tried to kill me.

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