It's Time You Knew


I'm ready to tell you the reason I haven't written in awhile. Porter is bipolar and more than likely, autistic. I didn't want to share this with anyone, for reasons that aren't particularly clear to me. I just didn't want anyone to treat him differently; I just wanted everything to be alright. But it's not alright.

Three weeks ago, Porter told teachers and the SRO officer that he wanted to die. His behavior became increasingly violent, both to himself, his siblings, his environment and to me.

Three weeks ago, we had to commit our son--my baby. I had to leave him, in the care of strangers, while they restrained him and he screamed that he hated me.

Porter was locked away for a week while his meds were changed and he was weaned off the medications that we think caused the suicidal thoughts. We could visit him one hour a day, between six and seven PM.

After seven days he was released back into our care but things haven't improved.

We made the decision yesterday that Porter needs to be in a program better suited to his needs, so he's been removed from his school. He begins the new program on Monday.

So if you are witness to (or have witnessed) any of Porter's behaviors, please know that we are doing absolutely everything we can to help him. The whispers and evil looks don't make this situation any easier, so if you can't be understanding at least do us the favor of ignoring us.

I can only pray that things will eventually get better for him and our family.

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Don't Judge Me!

Last night, after a day spent deep cleaning the house, chasing kids around the swimming pool and a trip to our local library (Yes, they've let me back into the library!) I decided to treat us all to a little post-dinner ice cream. Because I'm frugal, read, cheap I headed to the grocery store instead of the drive-thru. No big deal, right? Well, I didn't think it was either. So with three kids in tow we head into a nearly deserted grocer.

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Writer's Workshop: #Autism, Birthdays and One Mouthy Little Girl

Write a blog post inspired by the word: Reflection

When my mind is quiet and I have time to reflect, I often have these big, mind-blowing epiphanies. My latest is that my daughter was born both autistic and during Autism Awareness Month. I don't think it's a coincidence. In fact, I think it's yet another clue from the cosmos pointing us in the right direction.

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Our Tooth Fairy SUCKS!

Last week, Myriam lost both of her top front teeth. And in our house that means that a visit from the Tooth Fairy is in order. Unfortunately, our Tooth Fairy's ineptitude knows no bounds! She cannot be trusted to deliver the goods the night the tooth is lost without advance notice and even when sufficient notice is given, she may still leave ya hangin'. So when my children's teeth started falling out with some regularity I just knew there were going to be problems....

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Drink Up, B!tches: St.Patrick's Day

I don't know about you, but occasionally EVEN little, ole, anti-social me wants to go out and be around other adults. Once in a great while, I crave a conversation that doesn't revolve around first grade math, cartoon characters, and farting. (Farting is high comedy when you have two, almost seven year-old boys.) But jeeze! Going out is SOOO expensive! Even here in Podunk a cocktail can run upwards of $8. And the babysitting tab when you have three children requires a home equity loan....

So with the help of my girlfriend Stacy, I've decided to resurrect a tradition from my grandparents' era--the cocktail party. Remember those? Yeah, me either but I've seen movies about them and frankly, I think that Granny was on to something!
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