Here We Go Again....

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Bad Morning

It seems like Porter can only have one good day at a time. And that's harder than when he's just having bad days, because good days give you hope. So when that bad day comes so quickly and your hopes are crushed, it hardly seems like those good days are worth it.

Yeah, it was a bad morning.

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Answered Prayers and God's Wicked Sense of Humor

The story I'm going to tell you happened a week ago. It was a very serious situation but the humor isn't lost on me. There are also several f-bombs. If you have a problem with that, you might want to come back another day. 

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Get a Brain! It's a Saturday. At Wal-Mart!

Let me start off by saying that extreme couponers both frighten and fascinate me. Mostly, fascinate. I've seen the show. I too have had visions of free food dancing through my head. But realistically, it just doesn't work for my family. I don't have 40 hours a week to clip coupons and plan shopping routes and I DON'T have the storage space for 6000 bottles of ketchup. I save grocery money in other ways.
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It's Time You Knew


I'm ready to tell you the reason I haven't written in awhile. Porter is bipolar and more than likely, autistic. I didn't want to share this with anyone, for reasons that aren't particularly clear to me. I just didn't want anyone to treat him differently; I just wanted everything to be alright. But it's not alright.

Three weeks ago, Porter told teachers and the SRO officer that he wanted to die. His behavior became increasingly violent, both to himself, his siblings, his environment and to me.

Three weeks ago, we had to commit our son--my baby. I had to leave him, in the care of strangers, while they restrained him and he screamed that he hated me.

Porter was locked away for a week while his meds were changed and he was weaned off the medications that we think caused the suicidal thoughts. We could visit him one hour a day, between six and seven PM.

After seven days he was released back into our care but things haven't improved.

We made the decision yesterday that Porter needs to be in a program better suited to his needs, so he's been removed from his school. He begins the new program on Monday.

So if you are witness to (or have witnessed) any of Porter's behaviors, please know that we are doing absolutely everything we can to help him. The whispers and evil looks don't make this situation any easier, so if you can't be understanding at least do us the favor of ignoring us.

I can only pray that things will eventually get better for him and our family.

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