The Revenge of Tiny Cowboy!

In a town of less than 5000, it was only a matter of time before someone informed Tiny Cowboy about me and my blog posts, and he finally enacted his revenge. Apparently, today was that day because this morning at school drop off, Tiny Cowboy tried to kill me.

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Remember that time I had a tubal ligation?

First off, I'm not pregnant. Although convincing my doctor of this, seemed to take an act of congress. Second, I suffer from anxiety and mild depression. If I've never mentioned it, it's only because it either never occurred to me or it just wasn't funny enough to mention, I'm not ashamed or anything. 

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Why There's Feathers in My Tub...

We went visiting family yesterday. It was fun. We got to see both great-grandma's, the grandparents, aunts, uncles and a pack of cousins. Like I said, fun. But while we were gone one of the chickens had an accident and we're not sure if she's going to be ok or not. I feel like a bad pet parent or farmer or something. *sigh*

Althea the chicken, in the bathtub.

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Yes... I'm a crazy chicken lady. *sigh*

Ever since I first heard about the backyard chicken craze, I wanted chickens. I loved the idea of fresh eggs. I wanted a cute, little, dollhouse, coop decorating my backyard. I wanted fluffy chicken butts running around my yard and I wanted my kids to cart chickens around like a living, clucking.. er... chickens.
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Life on the Farm

For those of you that only keep up with me through this blog, (or Twitter or this blog's Facebook page) you should know that we've had a pretty drastic lifestyle change. We've become farmers!

Ok not really, BUT we have acquired 8 chickens, a breeding trio of rabbits (who procreated and we now have three babies), a pet rabbit named Otter, a garden, a blackberry patch, a raspberry patch and a hound dog. And we're doing it all in our small town backyard. We've become "urban" farmers.
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