Writer's Workshop: Twelve

Write a post in just 12 lines.

One:  the number of nebulizers buzzing away.
Two:  the number of children sick with pneumonia.
Three:  the number of antibiotic shots my daughter has taken.
Four:  the (average) number of hours of sleep I've gotten per night, for the past week.
Five:  the number of friends that offered their help.
Six:  the number of hours spent in the ER.
Seven:  the number of visits to our doctor (so far).
Eight:  the number of breathing treatments we do a day.
Nine:  the number of fever spikes we've seen; 103 was the highest.
Ten:  the number of meals my daughter has refused to eat because she doesn't feel well.
Eleven:  the number of prayers I've said today (so far).
Twelve:  the number of days between my son and daughter each being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Peace Out!
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