#Birthday Wishes

     I believe that people are brought into your life for a reason. That reason isn't always readily apparent and sometimes you never understand that person's significance, but I always think that there is a plan in place.
     I met my friend Stacy about three or five years ago. We attended the same church and I would occasionally see her at the late service. She has a couple of little boys that are roughly my kids' ages and we'd say hi to each other if we ran into each other at the grocery store or post office but for a year or so, that was about the extent of our relationship.

     But now we're friends. Even though as I sit here typing this I cannot, for the life of me, remember how or why we became friends. I'm sure there was a moment over wine, an event or a glass of wine something that facilitated that friendship but all I can remember, of the past few years, is a lot of wine laughter. But really the best kinds of friends to have, are the drunk ones that are your friends, just because.
     I know I said that many times you don't know the reason that certain people are brought into your life; well, that's not true of Stacy. She was brought into my life to be my personal social director. Between her and my daughter's Girl Scout Leader, I am kept out in front of people and forced to interact with those people. Without Stacy, I'm sure that I would be that crazy cat lady at the end of the street. Except without the cats, because the Hubby is allergic.
     Well, today is Stacy's birthday and because I'm too cheap to buy a present it's the middle of the week and we can't celebrate properly, she'll have to contend herself with an electronic birthday wishes.

So happy birthday, my friend! 
Thanks for forcing me to meet people and socialize, like a non-hermit-type-person even though it makes me nauseous and more than a little self-conscience and sweaty. 
I know that the world would be a much more sober, I mean somber place without you. 

Peace Out!
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