Pneumonia Symptoms (and How to Ignore Them)

     So I'm up for the Worst Mom On the Planet Award. Porter came home a week ago with a nasty cough and I ignored it. In fact, I might have accused him of faking it on more than one occasion. But after a week of sitting by idly while he hacked up a lung, I got sick of listening to it and made an appointment with his doctor. After listening to Porter "fake cough" for the doctor for what seemed like an eternity, while the doctor had his stethoscope to Porter's chest, we were ordered to the nearest ER for chest X-rays. "Well, he definitely has fluid in his lungs," the doctor said and I picked my jaw up off the floor.

That's right, folks. I've been letting my six year-old run around with pneumonia! 
(And yes, I feel like a heel.)

Grubby, yes. Sick? Obviously, you shouldn't ask me.

     In my defense, he never ran a fever; he didn't even act sick. The only symptom of illness besides the cough was that he was grouchy... but then we're talking about Porter, his middle name should be Moody. It's actually Riley. Unfortunately, it was only after a really fierce coughing spell, when he complained that he was having trouble breathing that I decided to make an appointment with his doctor. But I was honestly expecting them to say allergies, maybe asthma due to seasonal allergies, but never pneumonia.

     As I type this, it's been 24 hours since starting antibiotics. I just got off the phone with the doctor and it's official that he has pneumonia; the x-rays are back and have been reviewed. He has a full-on pneumonia in the left lung and the beginnings of one in the right. Yeah... that means DOUBLE pneumonia, I'm an awesome mom. And now I wonder how I missed this? How did I miss the blue lips when he dashes down the hall to use the bathroom? How could I think the cough he has was fake, when it shakes his entire little body? How could I mistake grouchiness with exhaustion?

     He's spent the entire day on the couch with complete control over the TV and Netflix. He-Man, anyone? I've spent the day trying to keep him on the couch and keep the other two children from jumping on or riling him up. It's akin to herding cats; a futile activity. I'm not sure how you keep a very active, six year-old boy still and calm, short of drugs or bondage, but we're trying. It's going to be a VERY long convalescence.
     Tomorrow (Friday) we will head back into the doctor's office to check Porter's oxygen saturation and make sure that he's good to head into the weekend, without medical assistance. We'll also get further instructions and possibly new meds. Hopefully, he'll be improved and we can go back home.

*sigh* Wish us both luck.

Peace Out! 
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