WW: Great Grandma B's 90th

    Sunday the Hubby, the children and I headed out to Chillicothe, Missouri to help celebrate a great woman. She's a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother many times over and this year marked her 90th birthday, and that is more than enough reason for a party!

     Meet Virginia. No one calls her that, that I'm aware; everyone calls her Grandma. That's how I was introduced to her when the Hubby and I were dating and that's how I've referred to her ever since.
     In the decade that I've had the privileged to know her, she's welcomed me into her family just as if I was one of her own. She danced at my wedding, celebrated my pregnancies, and cuddled my children. I've learned that she can shoot a shotgun but she's deadly with a hoe, taking on all manner of egg stealing vermin and one juvenile badger who chose the wrong mower deck to hide out under.

So last Sunday, with her multi-generational family around her Grandma faced her greatest challenge yet--blowing out a candle laden birthday cake. 

Ninety candles to be exact.

Ask the badger, those candles never stood a chance. 

Peace Out!
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