After a lot of soul searching and more than a few calls to our bank The Household has come to a decision: it's time to buy a new home. I just got tired of clothes lining a kid every morning to get my chance at the only bathroom. So we are in the market for a handyman to fix a few cosmetic issues, an agent to list with, and a new home that better fits our needs. It's a short list. (Said with extreme sarcasm.) And I'm a little more than stressed out over it.

Picture of my house, taken by my then 4 year old.
For sale cheap-er if you  do all of the work on my list yourself. Otherwise, it's a 3 bedroom, one bath, split-level home with an eat-in kitchen, two car, attached garage and a finished basement. It also has a fenced in backyard that a over-eager boxer can jump with ease.
    This is why I've been silent of late. The enormity of what needs to get done is freaking me the freak out! In fact, I'm stalled because of it. I look around at all of the chipped paint that needs touched up, the toys littering the ground and the massive amount of decluttering that needs done, and I become overwhelmed.
     I also see the memories, like the molding in the kitchen that has acted as a growth chart all these years and the.... Well, that's really about it. I bought this house as a single chick and thought I was going to live here for 5-7 years and sell it when I started a family. Needless to say that 5-7 years ago, turned into 15 years and I'm still here! Only now there are four other people and two dogs sharing the space with me. And I still only have one bathroom. Sentimentality has no place here!
     I'm so ready to move on. This home is far too small for us but my to do list is so daunting that motivation is severely lacking. But if we are going to be in a new home by fall *fingers crossed* I need to get my home on the market yesterday in a couple of weeks. So starting this weekend I will clean up and clear out one of the bedrooms that has been acting as a catchall for over a year now. This is the first item on my ever growing to do list. I'm hoping that by doing this chore I can kick start that enthusiasm that I know is in me somewhere.

So if ya'll know of a handyman that works for beer cheap or have a recommendation for a great agent let me know. Oh an if you see my gumption lying around somewhere please send it back. Gaw! I've got so much to do....

Peace Out!

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