Songs That Make Us Sing: The Weekend Is Here

     I don't know about ya'll, but this weekend seems to have taken FOREVER to get here. And for whatever reason it's times like these when the music nearest and dearest to my heart is the music from my teen years. The music that my parents played. The music that my father BLARED at the ungodly hour of dawn! (And when you're a teenager being waken at any hour is ungodly.)

     I'm sure my lovely, co-host Ginger from Not Just Another Mom of Twins has no idea what I'm talking about. I'm sure her dad would never dream of costing her precious hours of sleep. Hours I would kill to have back now. (I sure hope my children wake my dad REALLY early in the morning when they spend the night with him.)

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Songs That Make Us Sing

     One of the bands that my father blared that I despised as a child and have learned to love as an adult is Queen. Really nothing says weekend like a great party band: Queen fits the bill.

Peace Out!
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