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WARNING! Those individuals with a weak constitution might want to pass on reading this post because the heebie jeebie factor is incredibly high! Don't say I didn't warn you.

     Contrary to the title of my post my house isn't infested. Well, not really.... You might remember that we've been having a little problem "motivating" Porter. In fact, he's been downright impossible to deal with both at home and at school. But it seems that we may have turned a corner. *fingers crossed* And it came about from an odd source.

     A couple of months ago Porter brought a bug book home from the library. We read the book over and over until it was time to return it. We also talked about bugs, watched movies on YouTube about bugs and learned the parts of a bug's body. The Hubby and I figured out very quickly that Porter was very interested in two different kinds of beetle. The first was a dung beetle, because he thought it was hilarious that they pushed balls of poop around and the other was the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, because they can hiss rather loudly.
     In the hopes that we could motivate Porter to behave better in school and at home we made a deal with him, we would buy him a "Hisser" if he could earn a certain amount of Hug Coupons at school and maintain the good behavior at home. Well, that's all it took! In no time he had earned the coupons and I was presented with the task of finding a supplier of the Hissers.

As you can see, I found a source.... *sigh*

I was in the market for one--they shipped me THREE!
(This is one of the few times when less really is more....)

To give you an idea how big these guys are, I'm holding it and it's about two inches long.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches can grow to be about three inches long at maturity and can live for three years. They are very docile, don't bite and do hiss rather loudly. 

     This is the Roach Ranch. Please notice the securely locking lid; hissers can climb straight up glass! They eat fruits and vegetables and dog food and need fed a couple of times a week. Hissers do like to be in a warm humid environment so we have an under the tank heater and I mist the tank daily. Other than that you change the bedding out once in awhile and try to keep the kids out of the tank.

My Top 3
**Since I've been absent for the past several weeks I don't have a top three this week. I'll get back on it next week. Promise!

Peace Out!
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