A note from the Mommy: Retraction

Hey everyone!

Yesterday's post has stirred a little controversy. And it seems I made a mistake. I am all about owning up to my mistakes so I feel the need to set the record straight. Apparently after said incident I did contact the director of the VBS program and voiced my complaint. The director in turn spoke with the teacher about the comment.

That would explain why the post sat in my draft folder without being posted.

As to why I cannot remember having this convo with the director and why I didn't delete the post after the situation was resolved  is beyond me. It leads me to believe that I have unresolved feelings about the situation. I'm sure that anyone that's in a situation where you feel powerless can relate, especially where your kids are concerned.

I apologize for any hurt feelings that my oversight caused. Please know that I never had any intention of calling anyone out or shaming the church. It was never my intention when writing the post. But if this post has caused one frank conversation about our preconceived notions about what autism is and what those on spectrum are capable, than it was worth it.

I do want to note that, after some soul searching, I have decided not to remove the post from my blog (I will add an addendum) because the fact is, situations like this one occur to my child on a regular basis and probably will for the rest of her life. Although the situation was handled by the director it doesn't change the fact that it occurred the in the first place. Ultimately that was the purpose of the post.

Sorry for the mistake. I hope no one thinks less of me.

Peace Out!
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