Writer's Workshop: #parentteacherconferences

Writing Prompt: Tell us about something that fascinates you. 

SO.... Parent/Teacher conferences were yesterday. Does it surprise anyone to know that I have three vastly different children? Didn't think so. So why did it surprise me so much? I never claimed to be a smart parent.

Here's the synopsis: one of my three children is on the lower end of normal--has some reading delays, one of my children is on the high end of exceptional and my third child is on the spectrum.

Can you figure out which one is which?
How is it possible that three children with the same genetic make up, who were raised the same way can be so vastly dissimilar?

Myriam is, of course, the one on the spectrum. That in itself presents its own set of challenges. Challenges that I'm prepared for... kinda. Behavioral (at home only) abnormalities, social delays, and learning difficulties (she learns differently--thank God for IEPs).

One of my sons, is just there for the party! Can I get a whoop, whoop? Socially, he's well liked by peers and faculty alike. But there are some motivational issues. He doesn't care about the work the teacher is asking him to do and doesn't really see the need to do more than just show up. Who cares if the letter B says "buh"? He just wants to go to recess and eat lunch with his friends.

The other son... well, let's just say that he's MORE than capable of the work, he's bored by the work and doesn't understand why we have to do this stuff because he already knows it. I mean, they just explained it 20 seconds ago! Can't we just move on already? GEESH! But socially he's immature.

So what am I to do with this information?

Why do I feel defeated by this information?

Knowledge is supposed to be power but now that I'm armed with this knowledge I feel powerless. I don't know how to deal with any of it; exceptional child, normal child, and autistic child alike, are conundrums to me.

How do I provide for the special educational needs of each child?

And why did I think that "educationally speaking" they would be, at the very least, similar?

Peace Out!
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