The Countdown

As of post time, I officially have 6 1/2 hours or 390 minutes or 23,400 seconds until... the Hubby comes home! (He's been on a business trip to Oklahoma this whole time.) Yeah, I might be a little excited.

*And yes I had to keep a calculator handy for all of the calculations I did on this post.

But I have reasons to be counting down the minutes.

  1. He's been gone for two weeks. (You want the math? I can give it to you hours....) This is the longest stretch we've ever been apart since we started dating. In fact, after our first date we haven't spent more than 4 or 5 days apart at any time. 
  2. In that two week period I have had, not one but TWO sick kids who have missed a total of six days   (approximately 48 hours) of school. Meaning I have spent this entire two weeks cooped up in my house with little to no contact with the outside world. The longest time I have been away from the house was the 90 minutes I was gone for Parent/Teacher conferences
  3. This also means that I have gotten ZERO alone time in this two week period.
  4. Since those two children missed those six days of school we have averaged 4 1/2 hours (270 minutes) of extra homework.
  5. And because I have had two sick kids who missed six days of school, I have had eight nights where I only got between three and four hours of (interrupted) sleep. 

All of this adds up to 32 hours of missed sleep! That's nearly an entire work week. 

So mostly I'm excited because I have desperately missed my husband (and the children their father) but also because I desperately missed a butt load of sleep! (1920 minutes to be exact.)

I can't wait to throw my arms around him, tell him how much I love him and all that he does for us and then promptly turn the reins of this operation over to him while I get some much needed sleep. (About 115,200 seconds worth.)

Peace Out!
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