#Dogshaming 101

WARNING! This post is quite possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever shared. Those with a compromised immune system and/or a weak constitution are warned to come back another day. I will not be held responsible for the nausea and overall ickiness that may ensue. You have been warned....

     I often have to remind myself why we have chosen to have pets. The fact that the Hubby would be content with a veritable menagerie of reptiles, fish, amphibians and dogs running rampant through our house is of no little consolation to me mostly because, he doesn't do the brunt of the caring for and training of said menagerie. Today was a prime example of this discrepancy. The Hubby left for Chicago the other day for a training class and left me to fend for myself care for our brood and zoo. Since he's only gone for a day I didn't think it would be so bad. I was very wrong.
     My little "Boo Boo" is a delightful companion. She's a polite, bright and loving, little dog who is a source of joy and comfort to me. Cookie on the other hand, although loveable is a constant source of angst in my already angst filled home. She's constantly doing things like this that send me into a rage.

It's a good thing she's pretty because otherwise she'd be homeless and/or sleeping with the fishes.

     Today was one of those days when I really wonder if there is ANYTHING rattling around in that rock hard head of hers. Most days I really wonder if she knows her name or if she's just deaf. She hasn't mastered any of the "tricks" that you would expect of a dog, not even the most basic. She can't sit. She can't stay. She constantly hops our back fence to bark at the neighbors. She chews up or eats every single thing in sight.... Which brings me to today.
     After dropping the kids off at school, I came home and the first thing I did was let the dogs out to use the bathroom. I was sitting on the back porch, watching them because otherwise Cookie jumps the fence and I have to go pick her up before the cops do. Boo Boo does her "business" quickly and runs up the stairs to sit with me and get petted. See? Good dog behavior. I realized very quickly that Cookie was having "problems". (And unfortunately  this is a regular occurrence with this dog because she eat everything that doesn't eat her first.)
     She was... having trouble passing a bowel movement and the poop was hanging out. *smh* Why am I sharing this.... Like I said she has this problem frequently and I am of the mind that it's HER problem and SHE can work it out on her own. The Hubby will occasionally help her along when he's here, but as I've previously established, he's not here quite often enough. After about ten minutes I was resigned that I was going to have to "help" her out.
     Luckily, we have a box of disposable gloves under our sink--I'm beginning to think that Cookie's bowel troubles are the only reason we have these gloves. So I grabbed a glove and grabbed ahold of the turd and pulled. And pulled. AND PULLED! I removed a foot long cloth belt; an embellishment on one of my daughter's dresses. She ate it whole! My disgust was tempered by my shock at the discovery.

*I realize that we are very fortunate that she didn't die or something from having that belt lodged in her gut, but it doesn't change the fact that she is the most disgusting dog on the planet.

Peace Out!
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