Writer's Workshop: Toys

Write a poem from the perspective of your child's favorite toy.
     Frank Burton Burton was discovered in a toy store in Mason City, Iowa when the Hubby was 7 years old. He was purchased on the spot by a doting grandmother but not removed from the box until the Hubby's father said it was ok. He's watched the Hubby grow, go off to school, marry and have children of his own. A quiet companion.

I am the great Frank Burton Burton.
The keeper of secrets.
The granter wishes.
Magic. Real.

I am the great Frank Burton Burton.
I have been kept and loved,
For two generations of Burtons.

I am the great Frank Burton Burton.
I reign over the toy room.
Benevolent god.
Holy of holies.

I am the great Frank Burton Burton.
For two generations I have watched.
First the father's, now the son's.
Timeless friend.

I am the great Frank Burton Burton.
Ever vigilant.
Always waiting.
Waiting for the next child to love me. 

     Frank Burton Burton was gifted to Logan a couple of years ago and has been a constant companion ever since. Frank Burton Burton has a wardrobe that rivals that of any Barbie all lovingly stitched, over the years, by my mother-in-law. Although you will often find him naked or wearing a preemie outfit that my sons wore for a blink of an eye.
     He has been to taken to fairs, circuses, trips and the grocery store. He has been lost, found, discarded and rescued. He's been cried, vomited and loved on more than any toy in our menagerie of dolls, animals and trucks.

I truly believe he will see a third generation of Burton children.

Peace Out!
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