Wordfilled Wednesday: Labor Day Parade (w/LINKY)

     There are a few days of the year that I truly LOVE where I live and Labor Day is of those days! I happen to live at the end of the parade route. Officially the parade ends a block away but I happen to live on a dead end street with a nursing home at the end and the entire parade goes an extra block just to entertain the folks living at the "Wrinkle Ranch". So that means we set up chairs on our front lawn and any candy left over is showered down on my kids. One of the big football boys unloaded a huge bag of Tootsie Rolls on my kids and shouted, "It pays to be the last house on the route!" Sometimes it pays indeed!
Here's a few of my favorite images of the parade.

Isn't she a beaut? She high stepped her way into my heart.
The best part of a parade is the music and our high school band didn't disappoint.

The high school band was quite impressive!

Check out the shine on those tubas.

The Hubby was a band geek in high school. He played the sax, which means I'm required to love them.

I love that one cheerleader was wearing flip flops.
No small town parade is complete without a few tractors.

These happen to be a couple of my favorite people. Happy birthday Betty!
And now for the crazy....

Yes. That's a guy riding a pig. He was also tossing cinnamon rolls. I'll let you think on that one....
And some people will do just about anything to be in the parade....

That's my dad pushing the car. It has an air cooled motor and driving in a parade is hard on a vehicle. This one made it ALL the way through the parade and vapor locked on its way out. My dad pushed it into the shade and out of the way of the on-coming traffic. Thankfully it was a tiny car!

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day.

Peace Out!

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