Searching the Heavens

On nights such as these; when it's neither too hot nor too cold;
I sit on my back stoop and look off into the western sky.

At this time of the year a little, red, flashing star is there to greet me.
It's at ten thirty or a quarter to eleven in the sky.

I do not know it's name because I haven't swiped my dear Hubby's phone.
Yes there's an app for that.

As I watch it flash and listen to the little houses go about their nightly duties I am reminded of the things that I have--my little house, dear Hubby, the children.
And I try to push aside the thoughts of what I lack--a bigger house, new cars, the rest of the clutter.

At this moment I and my world are perfect.

All that I have is safely nestled in my too small house, cars tucked snugly in the driveway.
The heavens watch down and smile.

Little, red, flashing star you are a reminder of what's important and every night I will watch you, watching us.
Vigilant until it's time for you to pass under the horizon and another star takes your place as guardian.

Pray, keep us safe and snug; listen to us murmur and breathe.
Watch over those that watch you.

One day I will know your name as you know mine.
I will find the app.

But until then good night.

Peace Out!
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