Freedom of Religion and Speech

     I am typically apolitical here, in my little piece of the internet, and this post isn't political per say. But I do have to wonder when it became ok to persecute Christians. I am Christian, Lutheran to be specific. I discuss my journey to faith, without getting too specific, occasionally. I like most honest Christians, struggle with my faith. I have trouble turning things over to God--it's a control thing. I have trouble believing what I can't see or touch. I have trouble understanding large portions of the Bible, I mean why in all of God's infinite power did "He" punish Lot's wife by turning her into a pillar of salt?* Anti-climatic, much?

     But this whole Klein film has me even more confused. It seems like everyone is trying to demonize this guy. Everyone seems very happy to blame him for all of these embassy attacks. And who knows. Maybe this guy is a first class douche? Maybe his film is nothing more than a technicolor, anti-Muslim, hate fest? And it probably is, I don't know because I've never seen the film and don't intend to. But did one low budget movie give these extremists the right to kill people? The answer is a resounding NO. I guess there is a reason they are called extremists.

Christianity may be out of fashion but obviously it's still "in style".

     Ultimately, we live in a country were freedom of speech is guaranteed, which means that everyone has a voice. You get the privilege of hearing my voice, six days a week here, and right, wrong or indifferent we must allow for all voices to be heard. There are many voices that I would like silenced forever; the KKK, Fred Phelps, all of the cast of The Jersey Shore, and anyone that finds themselves associated with Paris Hilton. But I even those freaks of nature have guaranteed rights that must be protected.
     Unfortunately, that means that we have to allow for all kinds of douche baggery and even be prepared to defend it, whether we believe in it or not. The problem as I see it, is when we trade one form of bigotry for another. Currently, Christianity has fallen out of fashion and Christian bashing has become SOP. But God forbid you say anything negative about Islam! Now I actually have very few views about the Muslim religion. I don't care what religion you choose to practice. I've pretty much tried it all. Wicca, anyone?
     But I have to tell you that I am tired of having to defend my religious predilection at every turn. I wonder what our founding fathers, who were Christians fleeing religious persecutions, would make of all of this?
     For any of you that feel I'm speaking out of turn please explain the difference between Muslim and Christian bashing to me? Why is one worthy of embassy attacks and killings and the other a joke that should be enjoyed and taken lightly? When did being a Christian become a punchline?

*I actually know the answer to the Lot's wife thing. A "pillar of salt" is a slang term used in this time period meaning to have a heart attack, much like we would use the term "kicked the bucket".

Peace Out!
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