It's called a Garage Sale, Not a Collectible Sale, Dick!

     On our way home from the grocery store, this past weekend I stopped at a garage sale. It was one of those impulse things. I wouldn't normally stop at a garage sale with groceries sitting in the car and all three children in tow but there were these tin doll houses sitting enticingly on the ground....
Beautiful isn't it? Can you see why my daughter fell in love? She's for sale! Check out the BlackEyed Susan Etsy Shop for more info.

     I knew better, but I stopped anyway. And of course Myriam love, Love, LOVED the tin dollhouses. But they were in rough shape, rusty and the tabs were broken so they sat all cattywampus. (But what do you expect for $5?) After telling the children we weren't buying ANY of the over priced toys they had lying around, Nana asked what the bottom price would be for any of the four dollhouses. (Gotta love grandparents. The Mommy says no but all they hear is clicks and whistles....)
     The MAN running this sale promptly comes over and gives us an extensive history lesson about these houses and says he won't come down on the price because they are actually very valuable "collectibles". He really did air quotes with his hands. And then proceeded to tell us that they were never intended for children to play with them.
     Wait. What?
     Am I wrong here or are they not DOLL HOUSES? As in, houses for dolls? As in a plaything for children? Now I understand that he's a collector, and to him they stopped being toys a long time ago but the next part of this whole exchange threw even me for a loop.
Nana: They're in pretty rough shape.... $5 is as low as you can go?
DickGarageSaleGuy: *incredulously* These doll houses are vintage tin Marx Lithos.
Nana: It's a toy.
DickGarageSaleGuy: I'm sorry but I don't think you understand what you're looking at here and frankly I don't feel comfortable selling them to you. They are NOT for children.
Me: You're right. They're for grown men to fondle to get their rocks off. *turn on heel and drag screaming children away*

Ok, so I didn't really SAY that. I certainly thought it though and that should count for something. And while no one was looking my boys did manage to fill their pockets with a ton of that guy's landscaping rocks. So I count it as a win.

Peace Out!
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