Writer's Workshop: The Pain

I wasn't a part of this "conflict" I was just witness to it... and am now rolling around on the floor because it was SO funny.

2.) Write a post about an argument you recently had with someone from the moment of conflict to the moment of resolution in 15 lines or less.

The boys are crawling around on the couch; like puppies rolling over and around each other.
The Hubby is sitting at one end of said couch.
The tension is palatable.
We all know what's going to happen here.
It's inevitable.
It always happens.
The Hubby is eyeing the children, warily; hands placed defensively/protectively.
The boys flail.
The warning goes out!
"If you guys kick me, I'm going to be mad."
(Ineffective mumblings.)
Logan leaps towards the Hubby, arms wide... knee lands squarely in the Hubby's crotch.
Writhing, moaning, cursing.
Well, he didn't kick....

Happy birthday to the man I love, the father of my children, and the reason for much of the laughter in my life.

Peace Out!
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