Songs That Make Us Sing: What to sing about? Hmm...

     If you've followed this blog at all this week then you probably know that the Hubby lost his job earlier this week. But right now... it's kinda nice having him home. We've all slept in a bit, had a little "afternoon delight" napped in the afternoon and there's been a new found appreciation for the things I do around here. Not that he didn't appreciate my contributions before, he just didn't realize EVERYTHING that's involved with caring for three children 24-7. He really should see what it's like during school! This summer stuff is WAY easier. Overall, it's been like a cheap vacay. But I also know that this carefree feeling is fleeting. After a couple of weeks, the panic will return. I will start to wonder how we are going to pay the bills and hard decisions will have to be made. But for now I am enjoying the Hubby being home, having an extra hand around the house and having someone to talk to--that isn't in a computer.
     Not that computer friends aren't great! I mean just look at my Canadian bestie, Ginger from Not Just Another Mom of Twins. I only know her through the computer and she's one of my best friends EVER! Ok, I admit it was a rough segue. Deal! (And check out the "rules!)

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Songs That Make Us Sing

With everything that's going on, I was really in a quandary about what I should be singing this weekend. I mean really, I should be upset about my circumstance (and a part of me is) but right now I'm happy to have some family time. 

I think a little gospel is in order....

Peace Out!
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